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About Jackson McIntosh Carter

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Jackson McIntosh Carter was born on July 2, 1997 in Louisville, KY. He moved to Rogers, AR at 3 years old where he would grow up with his older brother Nicholas. Jackson spent the rest of his life growing into the humble, kind, funny, curious, athletic young man he was... making plenty of friends along the way. Jackson grew up in and around sports, eventually favoring lacrosse, snowboarding, and football. Jackson loved being around family and friends and having a great time. He had an un mistakable laugh and smile that could light up the room.

Jackson was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2013 heading into his junior year of high school and football season. Jackson maintained an optimistic outlook as his long, hard journey began. On his 17th birthday, almost a year into his cancer battle, Jackson decided to give, as he always had. For his birthday, he chose to have a party in which he collected toys from guests that he could give to young boys at the Arkansas Children's Hospital, some of whom he had met along the way, that were fighting similar illnesses. Jackson, even in his most adverse times, never thought of himself. 


Jackson was a very bright and curious young man with a lot of ambition. That did not change through his diagnosis. In the classroom, Jackson excelled in the sciences and remained determined to put his knowledge to use at an early age. In May 2014, Jackson and his close friend Harrison started their innovative journey to create a solar powered phone charger and raise money through Kickstarter to support the invention. His commitment to innovation shone as with each prototype, he found a more efficient method to capture the energy and distribute the charge. Eventually, Jackson and Harrison began selling their finished product named "SunPack" to customers in the local area and through Kickstarter in early 2015. 

Jackson lost his long and hard fought battle with cancer on March 24, 2015. His selflessness and giving spirit has carried on through his friends' continuation of the annual fundraiser on his birthday called "Toys for Boys", with the same goal of being able to give back to young boys at the Arkansas Children's Hospital, just as Jackson did. Jackson lives on through his loved ones and will continue to live on through the impression that he made on every soul he touched. 

Jackson's spirit , kindness and perspective will remain in the hearts of the family and friends that were fortunate enough to know him. He would have loved the opportunity to support the young adults in the Northwest Arkansas area, and we are so excited to do so in his name. 


"Where I will end up is my destiny and my destiny has not changed... I am a strong individual who likes to think that I can pave my own path without having to rely on a story already told."

Jackson McIntosh Carter

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