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Inaugural scholarship fund(s) are to be awarded to local students in the Northwest Arkansas area with the same passion, creativity, spirit, and kindness that Jackson embodied.  

JMC Innovation Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior from any Benton County public school. The scholarship is $5000, it will be paid directly to an institution for higher learning (four-year college/University, two-year college, trade school or equivalent). A 3.0 cumulative minimum high school GPA is required.

Jackson Carter Kindness Scholarship

This Scholarship was developed to honor Jackson Carters kindness.

This scholarship will be given to a teacher-nominated graduating student who displays kindness to his or her peers.

Jackson Carter Football Scholarship

The first scholarship to be awarded by the JMC Foundation is the Spirit of Jackson Rogers High School Football Scholarship awarded to a young man on the RHS football team selected by the head football coach, Chad Harbison. This is an award that has been given to a member of the RHS football team every year since 2016 in Jackson’s honor. We are excited to announce that this award is now transitioning into a scholarship, where we will now be able to provide financial support for the recipient’s future endeavors. 

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